Thursday, June 14, 2012

Protect Yourself!

I've lived in good old Voorheesville, NY for the past 6 years and have loved every minute of it, but there has been some really scary things happening in our tiny town.

Burglaries have been happening all over our area, 12 in the past two months, and so far the burglars have not been caught. In such a small town, it would seem that people breaking into homes would be caught quickly, but it has yet to happen. One of my very good friends had her home broken into about a month ago and she lives only a street over from my house.

It's too scary to think about how easily people can invade your homes, so protect yourself and your home from the possible burglary.

Trim back hedges so you can see out your windows from the inside and out. Make sure you close your blinds if you have any fancy stuff visible from outside your home. Talk to your neighbors because they can help a lot when there is suspicious activity going on around your house.

And ALWAYS lock your doors and windows when leaving your home. People overlook this the most (I'm guilty of it, too) but it is so important!

Protect yourself and help others by spreading the word on how to protect your home from invasion.


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