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My name is Alli and I am a 19 year old college student and now, blogger. I started blogging because of my undying obsession with doing things myself and Pinterest and other peoples' blogs and fashion and jewelry and nail art....pretty much anything on the Internet. 

I am a public relations major at SUNY Plattsburgh. Hopefully moving off-campus next semester with my current roommate, Michelle, I plan on cooking and doing a lot of decorative crafts for my apartment. Once things big time changes start occurring, I'll be updating this a lot. I become obsessive about a lot of things. Like kitties, I love them, all of them. 

I have a boyfriend, Will. He's ok I guess. We met at school and he lives almost 4 hours away, but on the bright side, he'll be out of my hair so I can get some serious stuff done over the summer. He's moving off-campus too so I'll be getting some more masculine home DIYs done. I like to suga momma him, I don't know why, so his apartment will definitely be decorated by yours truly.

When I am home, I reside in Voorheesville, NY. It is about 10 minutes away from Albany. Not living closer to New York City makes it harder to get a bunch of unique clothes, so I often spend a lot of my time swooning over Anthropologie's and Urban Outfitters' websites. They're usually too expensive for me, a broke college student, but luckily I have a list of the many things I can easily make for a ton less. I spend a lot of my time in nature when it's nice out so I definitely have a tendency to go for the natural look when making things. 

(Excuse the duckfaces.) This is my best friend Robert. I am madly in love with him in a platonic way. I had to put him on here somewhere. 

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