Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tree Nails

I was going to the stipple gradient nails, but I'm procrastinating doing a little work, so I decided to go crazy and draw trees on my nails.

I was inspired by the Connect the Dots event today and got a little earthy with my nail art.

I need to do a little touch ups around the sides and add a top coat, but I'm gonna save that until after they're totally dry.

It was actually really simple to draw on these little trees.

First you start with the base and make a thick little rectangle at the bottom of your nail, then you carefully drag the polish up, making a Y formation. Adding tiny bits of polish to the base, you can start the smaller branches by dotting the polish out from the Y.

I did my nails in alternating black and white and I am really pleased with this first try. If I happen to do this again soon, I'll definitely do step-by-step directions with pictures so it will be easier to understand.

I absolutely love this little pattern.


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