Friday, May 4, 2012

A Kind List by Alli and Michelle

Michelle and I are getting frustrated with living on-campus and the minimal amount of perks that it comes with.

This inspired me to put together a list of reasons why we need to get off-campus ASAP.

1. Michelle, Christine, and I are all of considerable ages and do not need fire drills while we are showering, sleeping, or changing.
2. The overpriced on-campus dining does not fit the needs of people with healthy lifestyles, such as Michelle and her vegetarianism, and it made me gain a bunch of weight.
3. We shouldn't be forced to pay $3200 per semester to have other people who live on our floor be loud at night.
4. We value quite, alone time. That doesn't happen in a building full of college students.
5. The bathroom here is always disgusting.
6. We don't need to hear other people giggling in the hallway all day and all night.
7. We don't like thieves.
8. We don't want to have to participate in the dumb events that the dining halls put on that don't cater to anyone's needs.
9. We don't want to catch the flu, or other sicknesses, from people living in our building.
10. We are way too cool to be living in a dorm.


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