Friday, May 4, 2012

Art on Lark

I'm super excited for Art on Lark this year!

I saw on Keep Albany Boring that the Lark Street bid announced the lineup for the 16th annual Art on Lark. The lineup is super awesome. They're going to have Babe City, The College Farm, Matthew Carefully, Mike Grutka, The Ashton Williams Band, and Betsi Krisniski.

I had never heard of a majority of these all local bands, but with a little YouTubing, I am really digging what Art on Lark is going to offer.

Babe City is my favorite of all of them. I listened to their first song of the first performance at Valentine's. They played "Oh, Mary" and I fell in love with every second of it. These chicks are all really talented and I can't wait to see their performance.

Another great artist is Matthew Carefully. 

He has a range of different styles in his songs and still captivates the listener with each one. He changes from folky to more rock to bluegrass, but still intertwines all of these slightly into each song. I can't even describe how amazing of an artist he is. His song with Katie Hammon "Walks With a Purpose" might be one of my favorite songs ever. 


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