Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Week in Instagrams

So much has happened since coming home!

I had one free day to myself and then I started working full-time. I've only had 2 days off since being home, so it's been really tough to post. Also, I only have tomorrow off until Sunday, and I'm going to be unpacking. I pretty much have no life at all outside of Claire's.

This is why I will be updating with Instagrams since coming home 10 days ago.

Most importantly, cats. I love my cats. The picture below is of Stinky, she's my kitty in the household and I love her too much. I was too excited to see her once I got home.

Robert and I reunited as soon as it was possible. Summer felt like it really was beginning. 

My sister, Alexa, and I went to Justina's house for a female empowerment bonfire with toasty s'mores. It really was empowering. 

(Justina's brother, Will)

 Justina is a crazy person.

Don't judge me, my cat is a model. I can't help but take too many pictures of her.

I'm hopefully going to do a post on my obsession with rose gold soon. Thanks to this watch, I am the happiest gal in the land. It was only $30 at Macy's and it completely beats the $270 Michael Kors one I wanted (not really, but I'm trying to convince myself). It is such an awesome watch and I am madly in love with it. 

After work yesterday I went to my Nana's house to catch the end of a family barbecue for Memorial Day. We made some delicious s'mores (I love them so much) with HUGE marshmallows. It was amazing. 

This morning I went with some of my family to Albany to watch the Memorial Day parade. I harassed military school boys with questions that they weren't allowed to answer and took pictures of the few funny things there. I don't really like parades, but I found ways to entertain myself. 

For work I made myself a little hair bow bun thing. It was so cute, I wish I took a better picture. 

Now I'm settling into bed with some very strong chamomile tea. Hopefully this will make me relax after a stressful and busy week. 

OH! Also, my sister introduced me to Cinemagr.am and it is SO AMAZING! Check some of mine out here: http://cinemagr.am/web/user/1604195


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