Friday, May 11, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Ok, no judgements for this post. Seriously, I'm embarrassed, but I cannot help it.

I am in love with Kitty Pryde. I'm not going to post her video on here because the song a little inappropriate, but I'll give you a link to "Okay Cupid". If you are a Kreayshawn fan, listen to it! I am madly in love with it. Her music is hilarious and strangely addicting. I think I've listened to "Okay Cupid" like 30 times since yesterday.

You can listen to more of her music on her Bandcamp. I'm totally buying it. I want to give her like all my money. I seriously love her.


Nana Granada said...

hi thanks so much for joining my site. followed you back.. is that a tattoo on your lips? =)

Brooklyn Grace said...

hello dear,
what a cool blog i discovered you on IFB.
i have already followed you ob bloglovin and gFC.
hope you follow back on both.
I feature blogs,if you are interested send through email: 3 pictures of your style and a kind of small biography.
have a look to my blog to have an idea!!!

keep inn touch

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