Saturday, May 5, 2012

Etsy Buzz

Fox and Hound is an online vintage clothing boutique run by April Behnke.

The time range of the vintage apparel is between the 1950s and 1990s. Many of the dresses are in forgiving sizes that have adjustable waists. The clothes are beautiful and reflect their era nicely.

Fox and Hound offers apparel, accessories, and shoes.

My favorite dress is this peach dress from the 60s. I could easily see myself wearing this with a few funky pieces of jewelry and a huge pair of heels.

(Photo: Fox and Hound)

The accessories are timeless and the descriptions of each item allow the buyer to see the exact condition the piece is in. And these earrings are only $8! Who could beat that?

(Photo: Fox and Hound)

All of the pictures are an in depth look at each item. It is hard to shop for vintage shoes online, but it seems that Fox and Hound does a great job of showing you the shoes in pictures. 

(Photo: Fox and Hound)

All of the prices are affordable and all of the merchandise seems to be in the best condition. 

Check out Fox and Hound on Etsy and Facebook!


Katey said...

These items are gorgeous! I took at look at the Fox and Hound etsy store and agree that April has superb taste and amazing prices.

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