Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Etsy Buzz - Misssapporo

Super Kawaii!

The Misssapporo shop on Etsy is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Yuriko N runs this Etsy from Sapporo, Japan with the largest array of decoden items and charms that I've ever seen.

There are new items up almost every day. These new roses are my favorite things I've seen so far from her shop....maybe, I really like the candy things too.

All of her embellishments are neatly organized in the sidebar so it's easy to sift through the crazy assortment of things.

The prices are pretty cheap and the smaller embellishments come with multiple pieces, such as this 10 piece set of nail-size M&Ms.

She also sells parts to put the embellishments on, like these plain pearlized hair clips. And these clips come in a set of 8 for only $2.80!

Misssapporo is definitely a one-stop shop for all things kawaii!


Elly said...

these are so cute, following! :)

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