Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Hex Nut Ring

So I'm really sorry that I've been behind on my DIYs, I've had the flu!

I'm still not totally better, but I worked up the energy to move from my bed to my chair to make this awesome, extremely easy hex nut ring! (And the ring isn't "easy", making it is, sickos.)

What You Need:
20 gauge wire
1 hex nut
wire cutters
needle-nose pliers

I could only find silver hex nuts, so I spray painted mine to make a mixed-metal ring.

To get the desired length of the wire, wrap it around your finger with about two inches sticking up on each side.

Then sculpt the wire around your finger.

To pick a size of hex nut, make sure the nut fits in between each side with a slight about of excess on each side.

Then thread the wire through the hex nut making sure the loop you made with your finger stays in tact.

Fit the ring with the hex nut threaded through the wire and push the wire down on both sides as a marker for where it fits.

On one side, wrap the wire around the side of the hex nut. Use pliers to tightly press the water against the hex nut so it doesn't look sloppy.

I wrapped the wire around twice so the wire could lay flat and keeping the ends inside the hex nut can help prevent cuts from the potentially sharp wire. Cut off the excess from the top of the hex nut, if there is any.

Make sure both sides look even and then you're all ready to wear your new hex nut ring!

EW, my hand looks so chubby! Well, whatever, I have a cute mixed-metal hex nut ring now!


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