Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY Rope Bracelet

While looking for things to transform, I found the cutest bracelet that I figured I could make unisex off of Honestly...WTF. I haven't tried it for Will yet, but I did make a nice twine bracelet for myself.

Things you will need:

7/8" S-Hook
Twine/utility cord/any kind of cord, really
Glue (optional)

The steps to do this one was really hard to understand off of Honestly...WTF. It took me a good hour to understand how to make an adjustable knot.

First, I used a tiny bit of E-6000 glue on the tips of the twine so they wouldn't fray. Then I burned the glued end a little to get the weird twine fibers to stick together.

I set the twine aside so the glue would finish drying and started working on my s-hook. I could only find the oddly shaped ones when I went shopping, so I bent the smaller side to as closed as possible. These guys are really hard to try to close, so use good pliers or a strong boyfriend...I used neither.

Next, thread about 6 inches through the closed side of the s-hook.

Then, fold the twine in half and put about 2/3 of the very top of the loops across the top of the two other pieces.

Wrap that around 2 times and thread it through the two wrapped around loops and the big loop at the end made from the fold.

While holding the loop and the string that has been threaded though, pull and adjust the knot. You should be able to pull the loop to make it bigger or smaller without undoing the knot.

Repeat the same steps on the other side. 

Lastly, adjust the knots to fit your wrist.

Now you're all done!


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